Unitii vs Sharepoint Online a comparison

Sharepoint is arguably one of the largest names in intranet systems but, is big always better if it doesn’t provide the right solution for your business?

Here we provide an overview of some of the key features of two systems – Unitii and Sharepoint Online – so you can judge for yourself. You can download the document Unitii vs Sharepoint Download

An evaluation

Unitii’s intuitive design encourages adoption by all levels of technology-users and requires no intervention from an IT team or a specialist developer to be ‘user-ready’, making it an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses.

Sharepoint has to some extent, a ‘blank canvas’, allowing increased customisation. It also offers large enterprise-grade scalability, but with a level of complexity that could prove daunting and a lack of formatting consistency that could make governance challenging.

Both, however, allow an impressive level of connectivity and integration with other systems. They also ensure you remain up-to-date and effective with the latest system upgrades and technical support and being cloud-based, ensure ease of remote access.

A different view

It appears not all out-of-the-box intranets are the same and for some, additional development costs to reach a point of usability may mean a ‘headline price’ is not always the end of the story. Each option shown here has clear merits and ultimately, the decision should be driven by an organisation’s needs, internal capabilities and project delivery timeframes.

Perhaps then, the question is not which system to choose, but how they could work together to provide an even more powerful solution?

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