Make employees love your intranet with these 8 tips

You’ve got your new intranet but now it’s the challenge of maintaining that engagement after the launch. You want employees to recognise the full value of your intranet and not just see it as another piece of software.

We’ve got some ideas for you to use to keep employees using your intranet.

1.Post quizzes and polls

Unitii includes polls so your employees can voice their opinion. Why not feature weekly quizzes with prizes? Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition and it will make users keep coming back to the intranet to participate against colleagues.

For example, we used the polls to decide where the team wanted to go for our Christmas party:

Christmas Party Poll - Unitii example

2. Employee of the week

Highlight employee of the week on your intranet, this can encourage employees as they feel like their hard work is being recognised.

3. Broadcasting company and individual successes

Employees don’t like to be left in the dark about information, an intranet is the perfect place to share information with employees. Your company successes can boost employee morale, things such as client wins, project launches, testimonials and marketing and financial metrics are a good example of things to share.

At the same time, company failures can be shared too to avoid similar mistakes in the future or to stop false rumours being shared.

4. Events

Unitii has an events calendar, clients like to use this to make employees aware of events happening after work and you can see who is attending.

Events - Unitii calendar - the affordable intranet

It’s also handy to have all the upcoming networking events or awards all on your intranet – it’s always annoying when you find about an event after it’s happened!

5. Content schedule

It’s important to make sure that there is fresh content all the time. Don’t post too much information as once, keep employees coming back by regularly posting. If there’s nothing new, there’s no reason for people to come back.

Encourage users to create content too, with Unitii, it’s easy to create and edit content. You could give rewards to employees who actively share useful information with the team.

6. Notifications

Users will need to be prompted when there’s new content as most of the time people won’t actively look for it. With Unitii, you can send out email notifications when you publish a blog, guide or document.

Notifications - Unitii Intranet - the affordable intranet solution

7. Rewards

Employees that are actively contributing to the intranet can also be awarded a ‘thank you’. Points or whatever reward you see fit for championing the system can be issued, this will encourage other employees to do the same.

8. Ask!

Your employees are the ones using the intranet, by getting feedback from staff surveys on the intranet, you will both improve your intranet to make it more productive but also make your employees feel valued by listening to their opinion.

What ideas do you have?

A well-designed intranet will go a long way in helping you reach your engagement goals. Do you have ways in which you’ve encouraged employee adoption on your new intranet site?

Unitii is the cloud-based intranet service that allows your team to collaborate communicate and get stuff done quickly.

At Unitii, we believe good relationships deliver better results for everyone.From workflow to forums, staff directories to download repository, news and events to notifications and alerts. Unitii will improve efficiency and keep everyone everywhere up-to-speed. Find out how Unitii can join up your business

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