Incorporate a new intranet into your team’s everyday work activities

So you’ve found your intranet but now how do you incorporate it into your everyday work activities and most importantly how do you get your employees to adopt the new intranet for the long-term?

With an intranet, your workday becomes easier and more effective by having quick access to documents, guides, blog posts and forums with the sole purpose of simplifying processes and sharing knowledge.

We’ve come up with some ideas of ways to introduce your new intranet to your team:

1. Explaining the need

Communicating to employees the value and benefits of using the new business intranet will increase user adoption and reduce the resistance to change.

For instance, how will an intranet make their jobs easier?

Conduct some research to show employees that you understand their individual needs.

Here are just some of the key benefits Unitii intranet brings:

  • Having all the key information in one place
  • Being able to access this information from anywhere and from any device.
  • Overall improving company communication

2. Don’t complicate it

When introducing your intranet to employees, you want to emphasise the simplicity of all the features. If you over complicate the features, employees won’t use your intranet as efficiently as they will think it’s a massive task just to do one thing.

Make introductory videos short and concise, having guides for everything, but making them simple so you don’t overwhelm employees.

3. Allow time to implement the intranet

You want the employees to have the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of your intranet but they need the right amount of time to do so.

Depending on the size of your business, you may need to design a gradual roll-out plan starting with a small group of users and teams, (such as departments) instead of rolling out your intranet overnight to all your users.

Blocking out a time to give employees time to get to grips with it, will have employees relating the intranet with something beneficial and worth the time, not just another piece of software they have to go and learn on their own.

4. Thorough training

This moves us on to our next point, how you choose to train your employees can have a large impact on the success or failure of your intranet launch. A common mistake companies make when introducing a new intranet to your team is leaving them to figure things out on their own, not only will it waste company time but also means your employees may not know how to use the intranet effectively and efficiently.

Thorough training is essential to maximise the effectiveness of any communications tool and ensure that employees are using your intranet correctly. You must help employees understand how the tools can enable them to do their jobs more efficiently.

Unitii has lots of helpful guides to make the on boarding process easier, alternatively, you can use the guides and videos on Unitii to make your own tutorials.

5. Share your successes

Ensure good news is shared with employees and that employees are encouraged to share similar news of their own. Publishing success stories will encourage employees to view and use the system on a regular basis and overall improve staff morale.

Anything from new customers to an individual employees successes should be shared

6. Encourage feedback & questions

Equally, suggestions and comments regarding the intranet itself should be responded to and most importantly; acted upon. Knowing that they have a say in the future functionality and ongoing development of the system will encourage a feeling of ownership and engagement among employees.


An un-intuitive intranet will result in new users becoming frustrated with long-winded processes, and losing interest quickly.

A well-designed intranet with a well-thought-out launch plan will go a long way in making your employees use your intranet as part of their everyday routine.

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