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You could spend time searching the web, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and book reviews.  There’s nothing wrong with that and there are good reasons for doing your own research and I do, sometimes.  But, time is expensive and I can’t afford to spend too much of it looking down blind alleys.  More often, it’s quicker to ask someone in-the-know.  Someone I trust who has already done the research and can give me a good answer, quickly.

When it comes to resources for growing our business, I’ve found the Executive Foundation, run by Mike Wilsher, a great source of expert knowledge and advice.  Mike recently launched a new service called ‘Exec Pointers’ which works really well for me (particularly in helping develop our staff) so I wanted to share it. Here’s a quick summary, I hope it’s useful to you.

Mike Wilsher has worked with business owners and CEO’s for over
 25 years. He knows what it’s like being ‘lonely at top’. Working face to face with them he has helped them. He’s developed ExecPointers to share the tools that worked.

ExecPointers is a library of content from global thought leaders. It holds every topic you need. Each topic links you to the best in every media format.  You can choose from an image, infographic, text, video, slides, or book.  And from podcasts, apps, tests and tools.

It saves you from sifting through Google, YouTube, HBR and Pinterest! ExecPointers collates the best content across every source. You choose how you use it. Seeing an infographic may be faster than reading. Watching a video may be easier to remember than a book. Completing a test may be all you need.

Experience it for yourself by clicking ExecPointer-Employee Engagement.

Would subscribing to ExecPointers work for you?

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