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A well-designed intranet delivers benefits to an organisation of any size. Whether your company has lots of operating locations and remote workers, or a handful of centrally-located teams, an intranet is a valuable resource to share information and bring joy to your team!

Improve connectivity

Connected teams are 20%-25% more efficient

Mobile access and push notifications for essential updates allows non-desk-based workers the opportunity to feel part of the team and supported in their roles, through increased accessibility to information and other team members.

As more businesses see the benefits of flexible working arrangements for staff, technology and processes need to keep up. Team directories support staff to find the right colleagues to collaborate on projects, while forums and news feeds allow everyone to stay up to date without the ‘noise’ of email traffic.

Enhance engagement

A five-point increase in employee engagement is linked to a three-point increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year and as only 10% of employees in Western Europe are engaged at work according to a recent Gallup survey, tools such as company intranets are crucial to the development of an engaging employee environment. Engage your team with relevant news items tailored to their department, share videos and event news and get them talking through regular staff surveys and polls.

Accelerate Productivity

An average worker spends 28% of their time managing email and 70% of workers usually react to receiving an email within six seconds, distracting them from more productive tasks.

Enjoy instant access to documents and messaging to discuss projects. View key information at a glance and ensure compliance through document tracking. Monitor progress and resolve issues quickly.

Supercharge processes

Streamlined business processes result in cost savings. If every employee saved just five minutes each day searching for information they need to do their job, a business could save thousands.

Forms and workflows enable standardised, fast collaboration on projects, while centralised access to key resources through a document management system ensures supercharged progress.

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